About The Prabuddha Republican Party

The Prabuddha Republican Party emerged from a visionary executive community meeting with the goal of steering the chariot of progress in line with the ideals of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. Our mission is deeply rooted in addressing the social, economic, and political challenges faced by the underprivileged, echoing the principles laid down by the emancipation of marginalized communities.
In a nation where the majority of politicians grapple with the enduring miseries perpetuated by manuwadi forces, our party stands as a beacon of hope. The historical fragmentation of Indian social order has given rise to pressing issues such as social, economic, and political discrimination. The Prabuddha Republican Party is committed to working towards the upliftment of the downtrodden and underprivileged, acknowledging the need for systemic change.


The Prabuddha Republican Party is dedicated to the realization of a just and egalitarian society, upholding the principles of liberty, equality, and fraternity. Our mission is rooted in the following fundamental principles that guide our actions and define our commitment to the welfare of all Indians:
1. Equal Treatment Before the Law: We vow to treat every Indian equally at all levels before the law, ensuring justice and fairness for all.
2. Individual Development and Freedom: We recognize every Indian as an end in themselves, with the right to personal development in their own way. The state is seen as a means to facilitate this end.
3. Guarantee of Freedom: We commit to guaranteeing every Indian the freedom of religion, economics, and politics, respecting the diversity that enriches our nation.
4. Equality of Opportunities: We stand for the right of every Indian to equality of opportunities, prioritizing those who have been historically marginalized and lacked opportunities in the past.
5. Upholding Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity: We uphold and insist on the maintenance of liberty, equality, and fraternity, striving to eradicate all forms of exploitation.
6. Parliamentary System Advocacy: We believe in and advocate for the parliamentary system of government as the most effective form of governance in the interest of the public and individuals alike.
7. Benefiting Downtrodden Humanity: The principles adopted by our party are designed for the benefit of all downtrodden humanity in India. Our commitment extends to improving the lives of the most vulnerable.


The Prabuddha Republican Party envisions a future where the principles we uphold become the cornerstone of a harmonious and empowered society. Our vision encompasses the following key areas:
1. Backward Classes Empowerment: We will fervently fight for the upliftment of the backward classes, including OBC, SC, ST, and minority communities, both in terms of education and access to opportunities in various services.
2. Reservation Advocacy: We will tirelessly advocate for reservations at all levels, recognizing the importance of affirmative action in addressing historical inequalities.
3. Social Harmony and National Integrity: Our party places utmost priority on social harmony and national integrity, striving to build bridges and foster unity among diverse communities.
4. Gender Equality and Empowerment: We are committed to the pursuit of gender equality in society, striving for the empowerment of women from all sections to ensure a more just and inclusive future.
The principles adopted by the Prabuddha Republican Party serve as our lifebook, and our policy is dedicated to effecting positive change in alignment with these principles. Join us in our quest to build a progressive, inclusive, and harmonious India.

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" Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world."

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

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